Other Historic Sites

These sites served various purposes and are important by virtue of their historic, architectural, traditional, artistic, aesthetic, scientific or archaeological value.

Lovers’ Leap - Craving of the lovers at lovers’ leap Parish: St .Elizabeth The area consists of a cliff with a drop of approximately 1,600 feet. The legend associated with the site is that during the days of enslavement two young lovers used
Lillian’s Restaurant & the Ruins of Three Concrete Silos - Lillian’s Restaurant Parish: St. Andrew The campus of the University of Technology stands on part of the site on which the Hope Farm and the Farm School were established in 1910. The School was established on lands which were part
Kendal Railway Tragedy - Kendal Railway Tragedy Parish: Manchester The worst railway disaster in Jamaica’s history, happened close to this spot on September 1, 1957. At around 11:30 p.m. a train carrying some 1,600 passengers derailed its tracks. Close to 200 persons lost their
Invercauld - Invercauld Parish: St. Elizabeth Invercauld located on Black River’s seaside High Street is a fine example of late Jamaican Georgian architecture. Historically, Invercauld should be seen as part of a fine streetscape – from the High Street and parish church
Institute of Jamaica - Institute of Jamaica Parish: Kingston The Institute of Jamaica was established in 1879 during the governorship of Sir Anthony Musgrave, for the encouragement of Literature, Science and Art. It was regarded as the chief agency designed to help Government in
Hibbert House /Headquarters House - Hibbert House /Headquarters House Parish: Kingston Headquarters House, the head office of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, is located at 79 Duke Street, Kingston. It was built by Thomas Hibbert, a wealthy young English Merchant, in 1755. Thomas Hibbert arrived
Harmony Hall House - Harmony Hall House Parish: St. Mary Dating back to the late nineteenth century, the Harmony Hall House is indicative of Jamaican-Georgian architectural style with its intricate fretwork of gingerbread trimmings and a balustrade—characteristic features of plantation houses in the nineteenth
Grove Hill House - Gordon House Parish: St. James Grove Hill House is located in Montego Bay, the capital of St. James. It was built in the early eighteenth century. The house is a two storey Georgian structure; the first storey is constructed from
Gordon House - Gordon House Parish: Kingston Gordon House is a two storey contemporary building with a distinct symmetrical design at its entrance elevation. The building is of an ‘L’ shaped design with an open courtyard for parking concealed from the adjoining roads.
Golmont View House - Golmont View House Parish: St. Elizabeth Golmont View was purported to have been purchased for 40 gold pieces and was first named Goldmont View, but was later changed to Golmont View. The house was originally a ten bedroom house. It