Caves of varying sizes are found all over Jamaica. Some have played a role in Jamaica’s history. Caves served as ceremonial sites for the Tainos, and Taino rock carvings (petroglyphs) and paintings (pictographs) can still be seen in some of them. Caves have also been used as secret meeting places for plotting enslaved revolts.. Jamaica is home to some of the most interesting caves. Indeed a good reason for a caving expedition. Two thirds of the area of Jamaica are covered by cave riddled limestone. There are more than 1000 known caves. Many more waiting to be discovered.

Two Sisters Cave - Two Sisters Cave St.Catherine. Parish: St.Catherine Two Sisters Cave is located in the Hellshire Hills, St. Catherine. Each cave has a large sink hole, which contains fresh water. It is possible that these reservoirs served as sources of fresh water
Mountain River Cave - Parish: St. Catherine Mountain River Cave St.Catherine The Tainos, Jamaica’s native inhabitants, lived a fairly peaceful and untroubled existence until the arrival of the Spaniards in 1494. Clues to their early existence can be found at Mountain River Cave located