Cemeteries are important because they provide information on the customs, tastes and traditions of earlier times.

Jamaica has a number of public and private cemeteries islandwide. These include special cemeteries such as the Jewish, Chinese, Naval and Military.

Lacovia Tombstones - Lacovia Tombstones Parish: St. Elizabeth A tale is told that a party was in progress at a nearby tavern when a disagreement began between two persons and this developed into a fight. As a result, both persons were killed, and
Jewish Cemetery - Jewish Cemetery St. Andrew Parish: St. Andrew The old Jewish Cemetery at 1 Hunt’s Bay in St. Andrew, is an important landmark in the history of Jamaica as it is the oldest denominational cemetery on the island and is one
Bedward’s Tomb - Bedward’s Tomb St. Andrew Parish: St. Andrew The Bedward’s Tomb is located in Bedward Cemetery, August Town, St. Andrew and is named in memory of Alexander Bedward (1859-1930). The tomb is a simple concrete structure with a somewhat rectangular finish.