Churches in Jamaica

According to architect, Nadine Isaacs, our Historic Churches exhibit a curious combination of Jamaica Georgian and Classic Gothic elements to produce a hybrid style most easily identified as Jamaican. Our early Seventeenth Century Churches were Anglican. The Anglican Church, which was the planters’ Church in the English islands, largely ignored the slaves.

Holy Trinity Cathedral - Parish: Kingston Holy Trinity Cathedral Kingston. he Holy Trinity Cathedral on North Street in Kingston, replaced the Holy Trinity Church on the corner of Duke and Sutton Streets which was destroyed in the 1907 earthquake. The Cathedral was built in
Wesley Methodist - Wesley Methodist Church Parish: Kingston The Wesley Methodist Church, erected in 1825, can be described as a Jamaican Georgian building with some elements of Palladio. The Wesley Methodist Church is an excellent example of one of the oldest structures in
The Jamaica Free Baptist Church - Ruins of the Jamaica Free Baptist Church Parish: St. Andrew In 1876, H. E. S. Woods, more popularly known as Shakespeare, began preaching in the hills of the old parish of St. David, which was later incorporated into the parish
St. Thomas Parish Church - St. Thomas Parish Church Parish: St.Thomas The St. Thomas Parish Church in Morant Bay is of brick construction. It was built in 1865 when the original Church situated at Church Corner was abandoned because of dilapidation. The St. Thomas Parish
St. Peter’s Church (Alley) - St. Peter’s Church Parish: Clarendon St. Peter’s Church (Alley) is one of the oldest Anglican churches on the island. It was founded in 1671 as the parish church of Vere. The present building was erected around 1715 on foundations of
St. Peter’s Church - St. Peter’s Church Parish: Kingston The original Church was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1692 in Port Royal. A second Church which was constructed shortly after, was destroyed by fire in 1703. A plaque outside the vestry of St.
St. Mary’s Anglican - St. Mary’s Anglican Church Parish: St.James St. Mary’s Anglican Church is situated on the Montpelier Estate, which dates back to the days of slavery. The cornerstone of the church is dated 1847. The church is a beautiful structure made of
St. Mark’s Anglican Church (Mandeville Parish Church) - St. Mark’s Anglican Church Parish: Manchester The St. Mark’s Anglican Church, the Parish Church of Manchester, was completed and consecrated in 1820. It is constructed of stone. In the late Nineteenth Century, the chancel and timber clerestory were added and
St. James Parish Church - St. James ParishChurch Parish: St.James The St. James Parish Church, which is dedicated to St. James the Great (patron Saint of Spain), was built between 1775 and 1782. The Church is constructed of white limestone and is of the Greek
St. George’s Anglican - St. George’s Anglican Parish: Portland The St. George Anglican Church is so named because it was once the Parish Church of the former parish of St. George. In 1867, when Sir John Peter Grant (then Governor of the island), reduced