Courthouses in Jamaica

Court Houses were erected in the major towns of each parish across the island. Some structures housed a police station or vestries/parish council offices on the lower level of the building. Some prominent Jamaicans were tried at these locations, namely two of our National Heroes, George William Gordon at the Morant Bay Court House and Sir Alexander Bustamante at the Port Maria Court House.

Spanish Town Court House - Spanish Town Court House Parish: St. Catherine This Georgian building was erected at a cost of ₤15,700 and is located at the southern end of the Square. It was built on a site which was originally a cemetery and later
Savanna-la-mar Court House - Savanna-la-mar Court House Parish: Westmoreland The Savanna-la-mar Court House was built in 1925. It is located on Great George Street, one of the major streets in the town. It is in Norman Square. The governor had donated the land called
Port Antonio Court House - Port Antonio Court House Parish: Portland This stone and brick building was erected in 1895 on the direction of the Colonial Secretary. It consists of two storeys and has an upper verandah both at the front and the rear of
Port Maria Court House - Parish: St. Mary Port Maria Court House The Port Maria Court House is located opposite the Claude Stuart Park and the Port Maria Parish Church. Originally built in 1821, this fine example of Georgian architecture housed the court house and
Morant Bay Court House - Morant Bay Court House Parish: St Thomas “The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an importmant part of St. Thomas’s history. It was the scene of the Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865.”
Mandeville Court House - Mandeville Court House Parish: Manchester The Mandeville Court House was built in 1817. It was constructed in the Jamaica Georgian style with two storeys, the top floor having columns, louvers and sash windows. A double spiral staircase leads from the
Historic Half Way Tree Court House - Histroic Half Way Tree CourtHouse Parish: St. Andrew This Court House was built in 1807 and was approved by the Parish Vestry Committee in the following year. Members of the Vestry who met regularly at the Court House included Hon.
Historic Court House (Mobay) - Parish: St James Built in or around 1774 this building has proven to be quite an important monument in St. James’ history. Now owned by the St. James Parish Council, the Old Court House in Montego Bay is probably best
Falmouth Court House - Falmouth Court House Parish:Trelawny This courthouse was erected in 1815. The building is a Georgian design. These building are usually well proportioned with seemingly vertical and horizontal grads crossing the building. Other unique features of this type of architecture include
Black River Court House - Black River Court House Parish: St. Elizabeth The date of construction for the Court House at Black River is unknown however it is described as presenting a fine appearance from the sea and at once attracts the attention of visitors.