Jamaica’s Fast Facts

Transnational Issues - Disputes – international: none Illicit drugs: transshipment point for cocaine from Central and South America to North America and Europe; illicit cultivation of cannabis; government has an active cannabis eradication program
Military - Military branches: Jamaica Defense Force (includes Ground Forces, Coast Guard and Air Wing), Jamaica Constabulary Force Military manpower: military age: 18 years of age availability: males age 15-49: 691,799 (1997 est.) fit for military service: males- 488,569 (1997 est.) reaching
Geography - Location: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba Geographic coordinates: 18 15 N, 77 30 W Map references: Central America and the Caribbean Area: total: 10,990 sq km land: 10,830 sq km water: 160 sq km Area –
People - Population: 2,660, 700 (2005 est.) Population growth rate: 0.5(2005 est.) Birth rate: 17.1 births/1,000 population (2005 est.) Death rate: 6.0 deaths/1,000 population (2005 est.) Net migration rate: -17.2 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2005 est.) Infant mortality rate: 19.2 deaths/1,000 live births (2005
Government - Government type: parliamentary democracy National capital: Kingston Administrative divisions: 14 parishes; Clarendon, Hanover, Kingston, Manchester, Portland, Saint Andrew, Saint Ann, Saint Catherine, Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, Trelawny, Westmoreland Independence: 6 August 1962 (from UK) National holiday:
National Heroes - Nanny of the Maroons Nanny of the Maroons is the only female National heroine in Jamaica. She is remembered for the inspiration she gave to her people in fighting the English Oppressors in the early 18th Century. Nanny was a leader
National Emblems - The Flag With Independence in 1962, the Union Jack was replaced by the Jamaican flag. The colours of black, green and goldsymbolise a country willing to prosper in spite of trying circumstances: Hardships there are but the land is green
National Anthem, National Pledge, National Song - National Anthem Eternal Father bless our land, Guard us with Thy Mighty Hand, Keep us free from evil powers, Be our light through countless hours. To our Leaders, Great Defender, Grant true wisdom from above. Justice, Truth be ours forever,