Forts in Jamaica

St. Ann’s Bay Fort - Parish: St. Ann Located west of the town of St. Ann’s Bay in the parish of St. Ann, the St. Ann’s Bay Fort was erected about 1750. It was built with stone blocks taken from Sevilla la Nueva. In 1795,
Savanna-la-mar Fort - Savanna-la-mar Fort Parish: Westmoreland The fort at Savanna-la-mar in the parish of Westmoreland seems to have no name and is simply called the Fort. It can be seen at the end of Great George Street. It was constructed in the
Rockfort - Rockfort Parish: Kingston Located at what was once called Harbour Head. Rockfort was first fortified as protection against the possibility of a French invasion from Santo Domingo under the command of Ducasse in 1694. With the earthquake which destroyed most
Port Royal Forts - Port Royal Forts Parish: kingston Port Royal Port Royal was called “the richest and wickedest city in the world”. It was founded in the 1650s by the first British settlers who came to Jamaica. The town grew up around Fort
Ocho Rios Fort - Ocho Rios Fort Parish: St. Ann Located beside the Reynolds bauxite installation in Ocho Rios is the Ocho Rios fort. The fort was built in the late 17th Century. Like all other forts in the island, the fort was strengthened
Morant Bay Fort - Morant Bay Fort Parish: St.Thomas Situated behind the Morant Bay Court House overlooking the harbour is the Morant Bay Fort. The fort which was probably built in 1758 was designed for nine guns. The fort is built of brick and
Fort William - Parish: St.Thomas As early as 1675, Port Morant, in the parish of St. Thomas had a platform with five guns to defend its harbour. The gun emplacement sited at what was called Battery Point in 1694 was named Fort William
Fort Lindsay - Parish: St.Thomas Fort Lindsay was built opposite to Fort William, near Old Pera in St. Thomas. It had nine embrasures designed for eighteen 24 pounder guns. Fort Small was extensively repaired in 1790 and was placed on the island’s list
Fort Small - Parish: St. Catherine Fort Small was built in 1782 to protect the bay between Port Henderson and the Hellshire Hills. The fort was built by David Small and designed to mount eight 24 pounder guns and one ten inch mortar.
Fort Oracabessa - Fort Oracabessa Parish: St. Mary This fort, situated in Oracabessa in the parish of St. Mary, was built during the War of Trade. Erected by John Allen in 1752, it was called Fort Littleton after William Henry Littleton of Jamaica,