Greathouses (Plantation houses)

The Great House was the seat of authority on an estate. It was the home of planters, or attorneys who acted for the absentee owner. The size and profitability of the property and the wealth of the owner determined the size of the house. These houses were usually two storey buildings with a base of brick, cut stone and mortar. The top floor was usually made of wood. Variations of this archetype included one-storey buildings constructed of wood, cut stone or Spanish walling or wattle and daub; or two-storey building made of brick, wood or cut stone.

Tryall Great House - Tryall Great House Parish: Hanover The Tryall Estate is on the main road between Hopewell and Sandy Bay, Hanover, just bordering the golf course there. It has been maintained as an attraction with a Golf Course, Tennis and Beach Club.
Thetford Great House - Thetford Great House Parish: St.Catherine Colonel Thomas Fuller received the Thetford property as a reward for his role in the 1655 capture of Jamaica by the British. He and his wife Catherine later gave 30 acres of the land from
Stokes Hall Great House - Stokes Hall Great House Parish: St.Thomas Stokes Hall Great House, located in the parish of St. Thomas, was built by Luke Stokes. A former Governor of the Island of Nevis, he came to Jamaica shortly after the conquest of the
Seville Great House - Seville Great House Parish: St. Ann Seville Great house is symbolic of the English period. After the capture of the island in 1655, New Seville was abandoned by the Spaniards. Edward Long tells us, the English divided up and allotted
Seaman’s Valley - Seaman’s Valley Parish: Portland Located in the parish of Portland, this property has on it the ruins of the Seaman’s Valley great house, and the first European cemetery in this area of Portland. Here George Fuller, famous English Superintendent of
Rose Hall Great House - Rose Hall Great House Parish: St.James Overlooking the beautiful Caribbean sea, on the hills of the former Rose Hall Sugar Estate, approximately 10km, from Montego Bay, St. James is the very imposing Rose Hall Great House. With the many stories
Roaring River Great House - Roaring River Great House Parish: St.Ann The primary node of the Roaring River property is the Great House Complex, which comprises the main house and the back buildings, which act as a support to it (Kitchen, ancillary staff room and
Ramble Great House - Parish: St.Ann The Ramble Great House is a two storey building . On the upper floor was the living room which had a fire place and on the ground floor were three bedrooms and a dinning room .The Great house
Quebec Great House - Quebec Great House Parish: St.Mary The Quebec Great House (Planter’s House) structure boasts basic Georgian features, such as symmetry and a central portico. The portico adjoins a wide verandah adorned with cast iron fretwork and balustrade, which goes along the
Prospect Great House - Prospect Great House Parish: St.Mary On the Prospect Estate is an early Eighteen Century Great House. It is of two storeys and possesses some Palladian features. The ground floor is fortified with twenty – eight loopholes that were designed to