Jamaican Awards and Honours

Jamaican Awards and Honours – What are They and Who Gets Them?!

The National Jamaican Awards and Honours recognize those Jamaicans or foreign nationals who, by their service, have made a meaningful and significant contribution to national development. Under the National Honours and Awards Act, promulgated on July 18, 1969, formal recognition of service to Jamaica and its citizens may be given by the conferment of the six (6) Orders of the Societies of Honour, and the two (2)national awards, which are as follows:

The Order of Jamaica – Who Wears It and Why! - The honour of the Order of Jamaica may be bestowed on any Jamaican national or any distinguished citizen of a foreign country other than Jamaica, who has demonstrated outstanding distinction in service to Jamaica. Members of the Order are entitled
The Order of The Nation РWho Wears It and Why! - The Order of the Nation is the second highest Order and is conferred on the Governor-General and Prime Minister, upon whom the Order of National Hero was not previously conferred.  Recipients of this honour are entitled to be styled formally
The Order of Distinction – Who Wears It and Why! - The Order of Distinction is said to be conferred upon any citizen who has rendered outstanding and important service to Jamaica in ANY field of endeavour. This Order is divided into two (2) ranks:- 1. Commander, and 2. Officer. The