Jamaica’s History

Independence -   Like the rest of the world, Jamaica in 1929 began experiencing a depression in its economic growth. This resulted in a continuous decline in social conditions. By 1938, the workers in an effort to improve their situation went on
English -   It was not until 1655, however, that the Spanish were driven from the island by Admiral William Penn and General Robert Venables. The Spanish were forced to flee the island but not before freeing the slaves who took to
Columbian/Spanish -   The arrival of the Spaniards in 1494 marked the beginning of drastic changes in the lifestyle of the Tainos as they were forced into servitude. On Columbus’ fourth voyage to the New World in 1503, he sought refuge near
Pre-Columbian - The Pre-Columbian era represents the period during which the island was inhabited by the Tainos. Traditionally, Tainos were called Arawaks. Analysis of prehistoric languages and cultures has revealed that the Tainos and the Arawaks were two different groups and that