A lighthouse is defined as a structure erected to carry lights for warning or guidance of ships or aircraft. Lighthouses are usually located in or adjacent to navigable waters. They are designed to serve as visual guides by day and to provide a light during the night to warn mariners of danger and to help them chart a safe course.

Identification by day is by the physical description of the structure of the lighthouse (example shape and colour). At nights, identification is by the characteristic flashes of the light. Many lighthouses are operated in conjunction with other navigational aids for example light buoys and beacons.

Although the earliest lighthouse was built in 1841, it was not until 1886, that a law was passed authorizing the construction of lighthouses for the purpose of supplying lights at various points on the coast of the island, for the benefit of seagoing and coastal vessels.

Portland Point Lighthouse - Portland Point Lighthouse Parish: Clarendon The Portland Point Lighthouse has the highest tower in the Island, standing at a height of 145 feet. This light is located at latitude 170 44′ 9″ north and 770 9′ 58″ west on the
Plumb Point Lighthouse - Parish: St. Andrew Plumb Point Lighthouse Plumb Point Lighthouse was built in 1853 eleven years after the construction of the Morant point Lighthouse. It stands on the Palisadoes Peninsula at Great Plumb Point near the entrance of the Kingston Harbour.
Negril Point Lighthouse - Parish: Westmoreland Negril Point Lighthouse This Lighthouse is situated at south Negril Point which is at the extreme western end of the Island. The concrete Tower which is painted white, stands 66 feet above ground level and the light is
Morant Point Lighthouse - Parish: St.Thomas Morant Point Lighthouse The Morant Point Lighthouse built in 1841 is listed by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust as a National Monument. It is the oldest lighthouse in the island. Built of cast iron tube, cast in London
Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse - Parish: St.Elizabeth Lovers’ Leap Lighthouse This Lighthouse was built by the Engineering Department of the Port Authority in Jamaica. It is the most recent lighthouse built in Jamaica. The Lighthouse stands at approximately 1600 feet above sea level and is
Galina Lighthouse - Parish: St. Mary Galina Lighthouse Near Port Maria, on the North Coast, is the Galina Lighthouse. The Tower which is built of concrete and painted white, is over 40 feet high. The light is approximately 60 feet above sea level.
Folly Point Lighthouse - Parish: Portland Folly Point Lighthouse The Folly Point Lighthouse was built in 1888. The Tower is constructed of masonry and is fire proof. It flashes a white light of 2 seconds duration followed by 8 seconds of darkness. The light